Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lazy Days

You think with all this time I've had off I would be posting every single day, but I've found much more fun ways to fill my time.

For those who read and don't know already, Match Day was great! I got my first choice (although I wasn't tacky enough to say that while up at the microphone). It was such a great day. I couldn't be happier with our intern class. There will be 6 of us - 5 girls and 1 guy. 4 of us trained here during med school and are staying for residency. 1 girl is from Arkansas and another from Florida. Arkansas girl and her husband are really nice. They stayed at our house one weekend while they apartment-hunted. I haven't met Florida girl yet, but I hear she's expecting a big surprise. Due the first week of July. Oy. Wondering how much that's going to suck not only for her, but those of us who will have to be there to pick up the slack.

I was on a high for about a week after Match Day. Later that week was the annual Hal & Mal's St. Patrick's Day Parade and I had nothing else in particular to do so I went to the parade for the first time ever. Here's a picture for proof: (Yes, I'm wearing a red shirt - but my shorts were GREEN! And this is the only sleeveless shirt I own since I'm now in the 25-34 age group and I didn't want tan lines. Phew. Is that enough explanation of a very straight forward picture for you? Now enjoy the picture:)

The parade was pretty much what I thought it would be, but I'm not sure if I'll be going back any time soon. Crowds aren't really my thing... It was nice to hang out and enjoy some nice weather with friends though. Felt like I was on the "med school street" seeing as how I kept seeing residents and med students all along our sidewalk. Too funny.

Speaking of school, I'm in the process of applying for my medical license. I've already sent in all the paperwork once, along with a check for $50 (natch), but have received a request for even more documents. Yay. At least this marriage license is getting to see the light of day for once. Ha ha. I went to UMC a few weeks ago and signed my contract, got drug tested, poked, prodded, and had an incredibly unfortunate i.d. picture taken. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll redo it during Orientation. One can only hope.

Our Ob/Gyn Interest Group has a lunch meeting tomorrow for the M1s and M2s about how to do well on the rotation and I'm going and might have to speak. I'll also get a chance to see my program director for the first time since matching. Wonder if I'll still be nervous around her? Before Match Day I was always careful to mind my Ps and Qs around all the staff, but now they're stuck with me :)

Anyway, this is probably the most boring blog post ever, but just felt like I needed to update. I start my Plastic Surgery rotation in 2 weeks so I should have some good stories for y'all then :)


frylime said...

yay for an update! i got to see my program director last week when i was apartment shopping, and it's crazy how everyone knew exactly who i was when i rolled up in the office. and i'm speaking at the surg interest group meeting about "m3 year" too...haha! we're such old wise people...

Cousin A said...

Who will you be with for Plastics?