Sunday, April 6, 2008

Counting Days

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in a month. Tisk, tisk. Things are going good. We're on the downhill slope. There are 30 days of class left with 4 days of testing left. This is very exciting! It actually affords me a little time to take care of very important wedding business. Most recently we (meaning my mother and I) have:

1. had the invitations and thank you cards printed
2. gathered most of the addresses
3. addressed a few invites
4. picked out a place to alter the dress
5. bought everything to assemble the favors
6. visited 1 florist, received too high of a bid, and are currently getting estimates from several others.

Not too shabby, eh? The main things I still have to do are actually get the dress altered, have bridal pictures made, ask the musicians to play, etc... Hopefully that'll all be done in the next 2-3 weeks. The 1st florist we visited wanted us to pay $2700. That's basically the budget for 1/2 the entire wedding. Not possible. Anyway, hopefully we can get it all worked out.
Kris and I have also started daydreaming about houses. Jennifer is supposed to e-mail me some mortgage info this week so we can get started on that process. I really need a front yard - I have to plant flowers. I'll have a whole summer to nest so I can pretty much get anything that I want to done without feeling guilty for not studying. Hooray!
Speaking of houses, we were very lucky that Jennifer's house in Madison didn't sustain any damage from the bad storms we had here last week. Some places still don't have power. A few of the hotels along I-55 had shingles and large parts of their roofs ripped off. I heard Old Fannin Road looked like a war path. Mom and I were going to take care of wedding business that day, but unfortunately weren't able to get much done since noone had power. We settled for shoe shopping, looking at mother-of-the-bride dresses, and eating dinner with Jennifer at Anthony Z's. It wasn't a terribly productive day, but it was fun.