Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Runner's Log

3.5 miles, 34 minutes even though I walked the 1st 2 minutes. So it's probably more like 3.3 miles in 32 minutes. Either way - I'll take it :)

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful I have the ability to run and for a million other things!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wonder...

Why do 1/2 of the men in the microbiology department have long ponytails? And 1/2 the micro grad students? It's just weird really...

Our Daily Bread

What we ate last night:
Red beans and rice with turkey sausage
Black-eyed peas
Tami's homemade pickles

Christmas List Revised

So scratch kitten off the old list and add these to it:

1. Nike + technology for runners - a little chip you stick in your shoe and sync with your ipod that tells you how far you've gone, tracks your speed, helps you beat your best times, etc... So cool!!! Too bad I don't have the ipod nano that you need to work with it. I still have my old ipod mini I got 5 years ago. Can't believe it's still working actually.

2. End tables - but please noone buy me one. I'm very ticky as you probably know :)

3. Lamps - see note above.

4. Art - see note above.

So I guess I just need to buy myself these presents since I'm too ticky to let anyone else pick them out. That's how it works, right?

Christmas Came Early!

Kris got me a kitten - wahoo! Her name is Isabelle, but we've been calling her every combination of Meery Bob, Lizzy Belle, and cat... Meery because she stands up like a meercat and Bob because she looks like a Bob cat. She was raised by a dog and isn't scared of Woodrow, but he does play too rough with her sometimes. She's a lap cat, which is awesome - what I've always wanted but never really had. I think this one's going to stick after my last 2 cat disasters!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Santa,

Here's what I'd like for Christmas this year. I've been a good girl:

1. Spoons!!! - and forks, and knives, but mostly spoons!
2. Viva la Juicy perfume - yum
3. My piano in my house; simple request, no?
4. A kitten - maybe the 3rd one is a charm.
5. Sex and the City movie

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Kris and I tried a new restaurant tonight. It's named Cheddar's. I didn't have high expectations based on the name, but I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was really attentive. Kris's drink was never empty, and that's saying something. The building is brand new and has a really nice atmosphere, but the prices are really good. You can get a burger for around $4. I had a dijon chicken sandwich with brown sugar bacon and it was fabulous. Kris had a double decker club. We had queso as an appetizer, both got cokes, and Kris even had a beer. All that food and our bill was only $26 before tip. Pretty dang good :) Try it out next time you're in Jackson and let me know if you have just as good an experience- it's on Lakeland Drive beside Dogwood.

Runner's Log

3.25 miles, 30 minutes - felt good!

According to Dr. Rockhold...

The degree of "digitalization" of a patient = How much digitalis you're thinking about putting them on...

Dear Dr. McDaniel,

It's pronounced (ser-um), not (sir-um). Please try to get it straight. Thanks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coffee is good

I always have problems coming up with titles for these things, so there you have it. Those were my thoughts when I was posting this. I'm sitting in the library drinking coffee and eating a granola bar - breakfast of champions.

So last night I cooked a whole chicken for the first time in my life. I grossly underestimated the time it was going to take. It took 3 hours. I was thinking 1.5. Anyway, it was pretty delicious. I picked off all the white meat and put into a container to make something else with - perhaps chicken pot pie tonight? Then I picked off all the dark meat and skin for Woodrow. I threw the bones and carcass away after I drained all the good juice that was left in the bottom of the pan. I guess I'll use this to make some gravy. It's not nearly enough for soup. I've decided that since neither Kris nor I eat dark meat or the skin off the chicken it's highly impractical to go through the trouble of buying one and cooking it. So this might be the last time I ever cook a whole chicken - at least I know I'm capable. It was perfectly golden on top and moist and juicy in all the right places, so I was pretty pleased with it.

Probably everybody who reads this already knows my grandmother is in the hospital with a diabetic foot infection. She's actually doing really well. When Amy called to tell me what was going on I thought - oh no, she's going to lose her foot this time. But surprisingly the infection just wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. She had an MRI 2 days ago to see if the infection has spread to the bone, but I'm pretty doubtful. We'll find out today though. I've been to visit the last two days and I reckon I'll keep on going through the week and weekend. The hospital she's in is so close to school and it's really nice to get a chance to see her. Since med school started I haven't gotten to visit with family nearly enough. Usually I would feel guilty for not studying all those hours, but since our next test block doesn't even start for another month I'm just not overly motivated right now. I'll start racking up frequent flier miles in the library next week I guess. I really do think they should supply us with free coffee for every 8 hours we spend in there. I would save about $12 a week.

Runner's log (November 12) - 2 miles, 20 minutes.

Our daily bread - roasted chicken, English peas, homemade pickles (random, I know - but by the time the chicken was done I was too tired to make the cheesy broccoli and rice that I was going to make)

Days 'til Thanksgiving - 14!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Fall!!!

So, it's officially fall! I know this because there are a myriad of different colored leaves in my backyard about 3" deep. I love this time of year. It does make it a bit harder to study when it's so pretty outside though. I just want to go frolick.

Anyway, here's what's been going on. My computer, or more specifically my hard drive, crashed on Halloween. Typical. It's all better now thanks to the techie guys at UMC. I lost all my info and have spent all weekend uploading programs onto my computer so that's been fun. I'm just glad it's all better now.

Kris and I went to Oxford on Halloween weekend in order to go to the Auburn game on Nov. 1. It was all in all a fabulous weekend. We stayed with Julia who attempted to make us cheese toast Saturday morning. We woke up to the sound of the smoke detector going off and her fanatically fanning it and letting out some not-so-lady-like language :) Then we went to the game and watched Ole Miss beat Auburn. We intercepted the ball so many times. It was wonderful!!! Then we hung out in the grove all day and eventually left to go rent scary movies and get chicken-on-a-stick. So by the end of the weekend we had done everything we intended - seen a good game, "Groved", eaten at Ajax (on Friday night), and eaten chicken-on-a-stick. Yum.

Then I went to class all week and Kris worked all week. As for this weekend, Kris went to Oxford Friday for his teaching class on Saturday. He got to do a ride-along with one of his police officer buddies Friday night though. He had to wear a bullet proof vest, but thank goodness he didn't get shot. That's just one more surgery we don't need.

I went and volunteered at the Jackson Free Clinic this morning. It's a clinic for the homeless/people without insurance. All the patients are seen and managed by medical students who report to 1 supervising doctor. So it's a really good place to learn and ask questions and not feel too stupid. We only saw 2 patients because it was so packed, but I did get to hear carotid bruits (pronounced "brew-ees") which are just whooshing sounds you hear in someone's carotid arteries when they're about 1/2 way blocked.

Well, Kris just walked in the door back from Oxford, so I think we're about to do dinner and a movie - hooray! I should really be studying, but I'll do it when we get back :)