Friday, September 28, 2007

This Probably only Happens at Our Lunch Table

I have a test Monday, so this is going to be a quick one. Just had to share this hilarious moment that happened at my usual lunch table the other day. There were 6 of us sitting there. We were eating, laughing, and pretending to study the dissection for the day. Then all of a sudden Aprile says: "Raise your hand if you were NOT in band." Not a hand was raised.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Told Them I Need My Sleep

So, we started physiology today. Now I'm enrolled in 7 courses I think. I don't know anymore. I've lost count. Anyway, so I actually read the assigned chapter last night, along with getting my hair cut, doing a family pedigree for genetics, and making painstakingly detailed notes of a biochemistry lecture. I was productive, to say the least. Well, before I had a chance to answer the 50+ lecture questions before physiology this morning, I began to feel a little bit tired. So, I decided to call it a night and get an early start in the morning. It wasn't essential to answer the questions, but would help with the 1 question quiz in class.
So, when 5:30 rolled around, I hit snooze... then again at 6:00, then again at 6:30 I guess. I don't really remember. Point is, I awoke from a dream at 7:26!!!!!!!! The exact time I needed to leave the house! So, I threw on my scrubs and disgusting gross lab tennis shoes, put some contacts in, threw my laptop in my bookbag and my makeup in the car. Out the door in 10 minutes - not so bad. I could walk in 5 minutes late and not be noticed...
Well, then the train decided to come and hold everybody up. I got to wait on it for about 5 minutes. Then I-20 was bumper to bumper. Then I-55 was the same way. Then I decided to try and park on campus and completely chickened out which made me at least 15 minutes later. So, now I'm parked at a clinic across Lakeland Drive. Hopefully my car will still be there when I get out. Gotta go! I'm in class!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Well, we've officially had our 1st gross anatomy test. It consisted of a written section that took about 2 hours and a practical which took about 2 hours. As expected, the written part went okay for me and the practical was pretty difficult. I haven't actually seen my grade yet because Dr. Sinning is still "trying to decide what the answers are." That does not sound promising at all. Anyway, all of us were so busy studying for the gross practical last week that we've been neglecting biochem and histology. Now instead of enjoying my weekend I'll be looking at biochemistry powerpoints and histology slides. I guess I'll get better at this time management thing as the year rolls on.
On a happier note, when I arrived home today at 6:00, the floors were sparkling and the carpet had those great little roller marks in it. All the tables were cleared of clutter and had been dusted. Laundry was done. Dishes were in the dishwasher. Was it a magical maid fairy? No, it was Kris. What a nice surprise to come home too. Maybe I will let him be a stay-at-home Dad once we're established. Ha ha...
Today's gross lab was pretty much the coolest thing ever, but I think Friday's might be better. Today I cut the lungs out of the chest and my lab partners and I removed them. They were lodged in there pretty good, so it was no surprise when John's lung went flying down our lab table and came to a stop at the end. Thank goodness he didn't drop it. It was pretty neat. Friday we're taking out the heart. Our guy had open heart surgery, so there's no telling what all we'll find in there. Anyway, I must go be productive now - I'm thinking biochem sounds good.