Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My New Best Friend

My new best friend is this yummy FAGE yogurt with strawberry. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I'm not getting paid to sponsor them, but I wish I was :) It's especially good with graham crackers. Anywho, back to all the important real life stuff...

Mom's surgery was a success! The first few days were pretty rocky. She got behind the ball on the pain thanks to hospital staff that put the pain pump out of reach. Awesome. After that you can bet I was on that pain pump like white on rice. I pushed it every 10 minutes, even if she was sleeping, because I'm an awesome daughter and all. 2.5 weeks later and she's back at home after a 2 week hiatus at premier physical rehab location Casa de Bennett. It's really exclusive. You pretty much have to be my mom to get in.

I've been on Peds Clinics all month. Lots of achy ears, sore throats, rashes, etc... I haven't really seen anything interesting this month unfortunately. The schedule is ridiculously wonderful. I had time to finally go to the dentist today for the first time in probably 1.5-2 years. Not sure exactly, but it's been a while. I got lucky and had a new patient discount and was really pleased with the staff and service. It's Dr. Burns on Northpark Drive in case anyone needs a new dentist. Got x-rays and a cleaning for $110 today. Woo hoo!

I start Labor and Delivery on Friday. Woot!!! Maybe I'll finally get to deliver that 1st baby. Yeah, I know. I haven't delivered a baby yet. I'm an M4 doing OB. I get it. That's bad. That's really bad. L&D was just slower when we were on it and at the time I wasn't really digging the whole delivering of the babies and whatnot. It was really scary to me. I changed my tune about halfway through that rotation and by then it was too late. Alas, hoping to deliver my 1st one Friday.

On a related note, I got my first rejection letter today. I was relieved. Is that sad? That's bad, probably, but I'm already worried about scheduling. I'm beginning to think I applied to too many schools. Oh well. I guess better too many than too few.

On a slightly related note, I'm now officially poor. I was wondering how this came about since I was more budget conscious than usual at the beginning of this semester and then I figured it out:

New air conditioner in July $1100
Step 2 CK in June $500 or $550? can't remember
Step 2 CS in July $1100!!!
ERAS (residency application) in September $600 - yes, I applied A LOT of places

So that about explains why I'm coming up 2 months short as far as budgeting. The upside - we're probably gonna get one hell of a tax refund next year since all that school stuff can be written off :)

The weather is absolutely gorgeous, so I'm about to thread some shish-ka-bobs and make the hubby fire up the grill in a bit. Hope everyone's having a great week!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Total Knee

My mom's going in for a total knee replacement this afternoon. Please send up some prayers for a safe and complication-free surgery and speedy rehabilitation. Thanks y'all!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shifting Gears

*This update is dedicated to my Cousin A, who likes to send me friendly reminders that she hasn't seen a post in a while. Ahem...*

It's September 1st. New month, new rotation. I'm doing Pediatric Clinics this month, aka "Peds ambulatory" aka "if you're an M4 you leave at noon everyday, no questions asked." That's good and all, but it was really hard for me to hang out in clinic and only see 2 patients in 3 hours today. Normally by noon I've seen about 15 inpatients on OB. It's incredibly hard for me to stand still anyway, but after running nonstop for 12-15 hrs a day, nearly every day last month it was next to impossible to just hang out.

I'm a little sad my High Risk OB rotation is over. Even though the hours were killer it was so nice to be busy and feel like I was actively learning things I would use in the future. Plus I got to do a few procedures - speculum exams, wet preps, looking at said wet preps under the microscope, Implanon insertions, ultrasounds, cervix checks (I'm getting better; correct about 50% of the time now), etc... Got to scrub into about 20 C-sections and 5 D&Cs. Wish I'd gotten to sew, but my dear intern only got to sew 3 times, so it's not like she was being greedy. (frylime - I'm jealous!!!) I've already decided I'll probably sew every one of my future patients after c-sections anyway, so there's plenty ahead of me.

Ran about 2.5 miles tonight. I know I haven't been posting my running in the last few months, but I've been keeping up with it. Ran about 2 miles in June while studying for STEP - embarrassing!. Then about 30 in July while taking that easy computer course. Ran around 6 last month. Anywho, off to watch Top Chef and clean house before I go to bed and get to sleep until 6:30 tomorrow. Score!!!