Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh Hi

Oh hello... Did you think I'd forgotten about my little blog?

I haven't. Things have just been as crazy as I'd predicted they would be. I just finished my month of OB Receiving (aka pregnant lady ER) and I am so glad it's over. To give you an idea of how busy it was - I ate food 2x last month while at work and subsequently lost 8lbs in 31 days. I don't recommend this diet but at least I can fit into my clothes a little better on the 1 day off a week that I get to wear them!

Speaking of that one day off... Today is that day. You think I would be overjoyed, excited, thrilled but instead I am anxious and a little sad. Because I know it all starts over tomorrow and the clock is ticking. K is at work so I'm all alone. I have a million articles and book chapters I need to read, anatomy I need to review, etc... And of course a dirty house and fridge that need to be cleaned. I'm having a hard time shaking the "day off blues." So far I've found that certain bible verses as well as getting outside in the sunshine help so that's what I plan to do today. Clean a little, cook a little, go out for a walk or to work in the yard, and do a bit of reading. I've never been so inspired to read medical literature in my life. Mostly because the fear from being called out by an attending either in front of 30 people (this happened to me this week) or being kicked out of the OR or compromising patient care. Now journal articles about which antibiotic prophylaxis is best prior to surgery are absolutely thrilling to me. Because it helps me understand why we do what we do and alleviate any fear of not knowing about it when asked.

Earlier this week at board sign outs (where the night team tells you whats going on with each laboring patient on the board) there was an HIV+ patient. The attending then turns to me and asks when we usually induce these patients, what maneuvers we avoid, what dosage of medicine and for how long they need it prior to delivery, the vertical transmission rates, etc... I did not know. It was painful for everyone. I was encouraged to read the article. Which of course I went home and did as I was falling asleep. The next day I got asked what the transmission rates are without treatment and BAM! I spit it right back out at her. 25% thankyouverymuch :) So that was a good day.

But the thing is there's always another complicated patient, another article to read, another muscle to know the exact innervation and blood supply to, and that is why I have the day off jitters. Instead of enjoying today I'm worried about what I will be asked tomorrow.

Now that that pitiful rant is over, here's highlights from last month:
1. Seeing several women come in between 30-35 weeks desperately hoping to be in labor. I gave them each a serious talk on how their baby could be impaired if it was born this early. I don't think most of them cared.

2. Checking a cervix on an above-mentioned patient (around 34 weeks pregnant) and noticing something pink and rubbery and prophylactic in my hand when I withdrew it. Of note, the attending was in the room with me which made it even more hilarious and awkward.

3. Getting to show several women in their first trimesters who were worried they were miscarrying their cute little healthy babies with heartbeats right where they should be.

4. Getting frustrated with patients who keep going back to abusive households.

5. Having a baby born in OB Receiving my 2nd week. (I had checked her an hour before and told the nurses to get her up to Labor and Delivery, just so you know...)

6. Having a G11P10 (gravida 11 para 10 - she's on her 11th pregnancy with 10 living children) labor silently and almost have a baby in OB Receiving

7. Doing several circumcisions on cute little baby boys. I really enjoy these!

Highlights from this Week:

1. Delivering several babies!!! (4 or 5?)

2. Scrubbing c-sections and getting to sew fascia and skin :)

3. Scrubbing into 1 placental abruption section and 1 uterine rupture section. The rates of uterine rupture are less than 1% and I got to see it in my first week on Labor and Delivery

I suppose I'm off to clean, read, get outside, and try to cheer up. Hope the rest of you are having a marvelous Saturday!