Monday, February 18, 2008

More of the Same

Today we have 3 tests. Well, I have 2 left now. I just took 1. It was pretty brutal, but I managed not to have a complete panic attack in the middle, so that's good. I think I'll do better on the next 2. It's out last actual histo written and last histo practical except for the board. I know that probably doesn't mean much to y'all, but I have a deep hatred for histology. Hence, I am very, very excited it's going to be over soon. Physiology will end soon too. Then the dreaded neuro starts. Anyway, I'll pretend to be a normal person for the rest of this post starting... Now.
I got to have lunch with my BFF Julz and her boyfriend Scotty on Saturday. That was a good thing. It's so nice to catch up and see some familiar faces that have known you for a while. Julz is in the waiting process - waiting to hear from law schools. That's not really the most fun place to be. I have no doubt she'll get in though. It's just a matter of where. Scotty is teaching Spanish to Jackson hoodlums. Lord be with him.
I celebrated a very exciting first 2 days ago. Austin and I have been running nearly every day after class. We get on the treadmills and go. When we fist started it was really hard for me to run more than 5 minutes without stopping. Two days ago I ran 30 minutes (3.1 miles) continuously. Hooray!!! I never would have thought that I could do that. Sometimes peer pressure is good.
Another funny thing happened in the gym the day before that. I was running along and sweating my butt off. I tried to ever-so-gracefully wipe the sweat from my head and neck and ended up losing my balance and yep, you guessed it... toppling from the machine. I didn't actually ever fall completely down. The knees stayed above the ground at all times. I do have a nice-sized bruise on my left calf as a reminder though.
You should all be aware that bruises on soft tissue (such as the calf) are often cardinal signs of child abuse, as we learned during a luncheon on the subject the other day. I promise Kris is in no condition to beat me just yet though. We had a choice the other day between a lunch about wound care in war zones or signs of child abuse. We chose the signs of child abuse - figured there would be less graphic pictures there as we tried to scarf down our free lunches.
I am heading to Kosciusko to visit Kristopher tonight. We are going to try and get the honeymoon condo all booked up. We are hoping for either Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Bahamas sounded nice and all, but the thought of spending $1500 on plane tickets made us both cringe. *Perhaps* later in life we'll be a bit more financially stable and be able to take trips like that - a lot :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sadie Likes to Swim

Sadie the cat took another dip in the tub last night. This is her second. Unfortunately the water was scalding. I made the mistake of telling Andrew not to turn my hot water heater on too high and now the only way I have warm bathwater is to turn it on completely high. Not his fault, just my poor judgement since I love scalding hot baths.
So, good news are in order. My friend (and bridesmaid) Robin Bryant is now engaged! Hooray! The funny part is that her tentative wedding date is the Saturday after mine. I hope we'll be back from our honeymoon in time for that one. We're planning all that this weekend. I am very excited. Thanks to my grandmother's generosity we can go pretty much anywhere we want to. I'm thinking somewhere warm though, since I hate the cold.
Out of the 7 of us that hung out in high school, 3 are getting married this summer and 2 got married last summer. Julia and Erin are going to be the last sane/single ones :) ha ha. Don't get peer-pressured my good friends.
I was planning on having lunch with my grandmother today, but unforunately we got our 2 hour lunch break taken away. They moved our 2:00 class up to 1:00. There's no way I could have made it all the way to Ridgewood Road, eaten, and made it back to class. Thank goodness my Aunt was headed there so I could relay the message.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another Quick Update

Kris is out of the hospital - hooray!!! He got out late in the afternoon on Feb 1st. Unfortunately they sent him home with his wound still open and aren't planning on sewing him back together for 2 more weeks, so he's a little confined. Anyway, must study now. 3 tests tomorrow :)