Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter and Whatnot

Hey peoples - just got back from a 4 mile run with my fabulous Cousin A (we walked and talked more than we ran though). We also went straight from the trail to a Mexican restaurant where margaritas were imbibed so you know - keep that in mind while you read this post.

I am about to get started on a little cooking for the Easter weekend. Am planning on making some cheddar biscuits that I've made a few times before and some chocolate chip cookie dough truffles that I've never made before but are sweet and therefore can't be screwed up too badly - by me anyway - sugar loves me. The biscuits have chunks of cheddar cheese in them and use heavy cream instead of butter or Crisco aka lard, so what's not to love? So much easier to stir and they come out all light and fluffy once they're baked. Here's the recipe for truffles and a link to the blog:

our little beehive: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles: "When I worked in my company's main office I used to bring baked goods to work all the time. When I announced that I was moving and (very tha..."

And here's a link to the recipe for the biscuits:
(copy and paste that one - not sure why it's not working)

And here's a few pictures from Easters past:

That's from Easter 2006 and is me, my sister, mom and grandmother. We inadvertently color-coordinated pretty well.

And those are the Easter eggs we made and subsequently hid.

One of my favorite pictures of me and my sister and mama. We are such "in the moment" type people that we usually forget to take pictures so I am glad for the few we have together.

One of the whole family.

And me and my sister aka "Seeser!" with our Peter's pottery bunnies. Also - holy shiny T-zone. I swear I own powder and will not let this happen again.

That's all. Happy Easter everybody!


Nadia said...

The eggs look awesome!

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