Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh Hello!

I must get more clever wih these titles but just wanted to check in and let everyone know I'm surviving! I just finished my fourth consecutive month of my alarm going off at 3:00 AM and carrying the call pager during the day and I am so excited. On call tonight, get off tomorrow morning and will get to spend time with my family watching the Super Bowl.

Monday starts my second rotation on Labor and Delivery. I am excited and a little scared all at once. It feels like so long ago since I've been there! It was just August but feels like 2 years ago. Here's the rotations conquered so far:

OB Receiving - days
Labor and Delivery - days
OBI - 3:00 AM rounding, scheduled c-sections
HO I - 3:00 AM rounding, carrying call pager
HO I - again
OB I - again

Next up is L and D, then Gyn (the sweetest rotation), then Clinic/Ultrasound, then OB Receiving days again and intern year is finished! It gets better every day. Most of the attendings trust you to do the things they know you're competent at. We did lose an intern at the end of August and it really increased the workload. He quit without much warning and threw our schedules into a tizzy - specifically the call schedule. Most of us get one weekend off a month. And it is a glorious weekend.

But enough about work. Otherwise things are fabulous. Kris and I bought new cars back in November and are in love with them. The animals are as good as ever, and we are still hanging in our little yellow house by the reservoir. Counting the days until intern year is over but happy to be where I am.


High Energy said...

We are down an intern too... seems like they're dropping like flies.

frylime said...

i'm so glad to see your update! it does feel weird to be "trusted"...but so awesome at the same time. makes me feel good when the attending (over the phone) says "go do this biopsy, bedside, and text me when you're done", and then you do it and everything's fine.

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