Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Did You Do Today?

So pretty much every day Kris and I end up asking each other this question. For me it's usually a variation on study and work out with a few extra things thrown in there. For him it's usually work and playing video games with a few extra things thrown in.

So, without further ado, here's exactly what I did today:

8:00 - Woke up and frantically realized that if I was going to make it to my 9:00 I had to leave in 20 minutes. Scrambled to get out the door by 8:33.

9:00 - Attended lecture on MHC activation in T cell immunity. Enthralling.

9:50 - Power walked to the cafeteria to get breakfast and be back in my seat in 10 minutes. Feat accomplished.

10:00 - Enjoyed eggs, grits, and wheat toast while listening to a fancy pants guest speaker with about 130 publications give a terribly boring lecture covering about 30 immune diseases. He was too smart - I was listening but completely unaware of most of what he said.

11:00 - Listened to and simultaneously transcribed pathology lecture on transplants. Could have been interesting, but the speaker , Dr. Cruse, talks so fast we've all dubbed him the "Cruse Missile." He covered 84 slides in 50 minutes.

11:55 - Freedom at last! For some glorious reason most of us got out of class at noon today. I looked forward to relishing the next 12 hours of not sitting in class.

12:00 - Ran 2.7 miles and did a few crunches. Almost died on the walk back to the car due to heat exhaustion.

1:00 - Upon walking up to car notice the passenger rear tire is flat. Yippee...

1:10 - Find can of fix-a-flat in trunk and thank God for a smart father and sister who always told me to carry the stuff. (Mom, you're smart too. You just never stressed the dire importance of having a can of fix-a-flat.)

1:11 - Read the directions and fixed the flat.

1:13 - Realize I have no idea where I've put my cell phone in all this craziness. Had it just 4 minutes ago when I called Kris to say I had a flat. Now it's nowhere to be found.

1:30 - Arrive at Tire Depot (where they think I'm stalking them because I was there 2 days ago to get my oil changed.) They take the screw out of my tire and patch it. All this happened in about 40 minutes and only cost me $20. They also have wireless internet, so I got to catch up on e-mails while I waited. I like Tire Depot :)

2:15 - Go back to school to look for phone. Goose chase ensues. Can not find it.

3:00 - Go home, have a beer, and watch Dr. Phil. It's been a rough day. Then I realize I have not eaten anything so I eat lunch at 3:30.

The rest is just pretty much the normal routine. Kris got home from work. I studied. I did some laundry and dishes. I'm about to study some more. Here are the things I'd rather be doing though:

1. picking out fabric at Hancock's to make a cushion to go on my hearth.

2. dying all of my faded jeans to re-darken them and make them look new again. I just learned how to do this today and can't wait to try it when I have the time.

3. planting flowers

4. hemming all my pants so that they either work with flats or the 3 actually comfortable pairs of heels I own. That would make life so much easier.

So, in a nutshell, those are the things I'm either doing or thinking about doing on any given day. It's a little exhausting.